Planning Your Path To College

September 29, 2004

Applying to college is an increasingly competitive venture. Getting in takes more than a frantic week-end of hurried essays and fill-in-the-blank-applications. In fact, the path to becoming a strong candi date begins almost as soon as you arrive at high school, and the real question is not 'What is your plan?', but rather, 'What is your path?'
This summer, students at the Senior Program will have the unique opportunity to spend a day with Bob Gilpin. Founder of the acclaimed "Where You Headed?" organiza tion, Gilpin has crafted a career of helping students find that path. This sum mer, he brings his team of skilled advisors to Exploration for a day-long College Application work shop.
"The task of establish ing your individual identity as a college applicant depends on the record you have made for yourself in high school," explains Gilpin. "This is not a revela tion; however, it is a fact we often overlook because our horizon is limited by the minutiae of day-to-day challenges."
The college Application workshop will help alert students to the moments of decision that arrive, often unexpectedly, throughout a high school career. Gilpin intends to arm students with the information necessary to make thoughtful decisions about their future. He pushes students to engage in self-examination and answer questions like 'What do I bring to the table?', 'What are my strengths and weaknesses?', and 'How do I pursue activities that play into my abilities?'

"The moments of decision that arise in high school are not one-size-fits-all.  Course selection, extracurricular involvement, summer plans, alternative semester plans-each has a lasting impact on creating and shaping the person you are."


"The moments of decision that arise in high school are not one-size-fits-all. Course selection, extracurricular involvement, summer plans, alter native semester plans - each has a lasting impact on creating and shaping the person you are," says Gilpin. "In this workshop, we'll introduce the options and talk about how colleges interpret and value each of them."
Additionally, Gilpin plans to introduce stu dents to a variety of unique accredited opportuni ties that exist for high school students around the globe. "There are a lot of alternative semester-long choices out there," says Gilpin, "and many of them offer students credit. You could spend a semester in the Rocky Mountains, at the Island School in the Bahamas, or even in Italy. Most students don't even know that high school exchange programs like these exist."
For seniors who are closer to the college appli cation deadline, the work shop will offer skills on not only how to get into the school of your choice, but, more importantly, how to identify what the school of your choice is.  Gilpin's team will cover all of the essentials behind the application process: essay counseling, coaching for interviews, compiling sup plemental application materials, and making your final school selections.
According to Gilpin, the goal of the day is to send students home with papers and possibilities. "We want to give them some navigational equip ment to use as they begin shaping their own path towards college. We also want to make them aware of the sequence and rhythm of the applica tion process."

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